Mission & Values

About Minnesota Urology

Minnesota Urology is the largest independent urologic specialty practice in the state of Minnesota and was formed as an integration of Minnesota’s two most respected independent urology practices; Minnesota Urology and Urology Associates. Our providers are devoted to a singular vision to deliver optimal and compassionate, patient-centered care for all adult urologic conditions. We specialize in adult urology, providing innovative treatment and compassionate, patient-centered care. Minnesota Urology seeks excellence in service, patient satisfaction, outcome management, clinical research, and teamwork. Our success and recognition as a national leader in the practice of urology is a direct result of the collective work of dedicated staff members and physicians. We look forward to serving you.

MISSION: Our reason for being

To deliver optimal and compassionate patient-centered care for urologic conditions through the responsible use of medical resources.

VISION: What we strive to achieve

On all fronts, we will become the standard of excellence in what we do. This goal commits us to:

  1. Offering the most knowledgeable, skillful and caring providers;
  2. Developing the most competent and compassionate staff; and
  3. Serving as the most trusted community resource for urologic health.

VALUES: The ideals to which we are committed

Expertise – Superior clinical judgment and technical expertise are fundamental expectations that shape our organization.

Respect – Every patient, family member and co-worker deserves to be treated with dignity.

Compassion – We treat our patients the way in which we would want others to treat us and our family members.

Integrity – We act with the highest ethical standards in serving our patients, partners and colleagues.

Continuous Improvement – We embrace the ever-changing field of medicine as an opportunity to advance our knowledge, skills, and the quality of care we provide.

Selflessness – We place the needs of our patients and co-workers above our own.

Assuming Positive Intent – We take it as a given that the behavior of others is well-intended. We gain knowledge and understanding by honoring diverse views.